Draco Metal Works operates outside of Georgetown, Texas and provides custom ornamental ironworks to Central Texas businesses and residents.

Art for art's sake has always confounded me. It just sets there, looking good but not accomplishing anything. Working art, on the other hand, takes something that we need or use and makes it beautiful. A craftsman can build a table but an artisan will build it beautiful. You have to have a table so you may as well have one that is a pleasure to look at as well as having more pride in its ownership. That is what I do, as long as itís made of metal. I am not an artist but I feel I have surpassed the title of craftsman. I title myself an artisan. I build things that people use, whether a gate or a pot rack, hand rails or curtain rods, but build them into something beautiful, something you can be proud to own.

Some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture combine metal with wood, stone and granite. I work with none of these materials but have some of the best artisans in these mediums to blend their work with mine to bring your ideas in these combinations to reality.

Functionality must work with style and the material used. Flow, proportion, size and type of material must be blended for an over all beauty in the project. If all these are correct no one will notice, they will just know that it looks right and appreciate its beauty. But if any of these things are off, almost anyone will notice that something is not right. Part of my job is to help with design so that my customerís idea can become a reality, not just with function, but with beauty.